Lisa Munnelly

Lisa Munnelly

Te Waituhi ā Nuku: Drawing Ecologies

L.Munnelly: 'Worked Surface'. Drawing Graphite and Charcoal.

Te Waituhi ā Nuku / Drawing Ecologies 2020
Participating artist in Te Waituhi ā Nuku / Drawing Ecologies 2020 . This ongoing body of work utilizes drawing, 3D modelling and projection mapping to visualize the complex interrelationship between land water and people.

Past and present interventions on the land inform algorthyms, that speculate further erosion, rising ground water and inundated coastlines.

L.Munnelly: 'Land lines' Drawing multi-media

L.Munnelly; 'Kapiti Coast Sea line level'. Drawing, Digital print and Charcoal. (Map imagery Mark Steelsmith)

L.Munnelly : 'Mapping Movement' Drawing Charcoal. (detail)

L.Munnelly : 'Mapping Movement' Drawing Charcoal.

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