Lisa Munnelly

Lisa Munnelly

reSurfacing: a study in transience

To draw in water
Into the initial blank expanse, to cast out a line…
Drawing it in, to reel – encircling the blank page
Encircling and backtracking
Orientation of up down left right subsumed by the ebb and flow of sounds
Surface, scatter, reverberate…
A choreography of contingency, beholden to the momenT
The fleeting transitory unfolding moment
To gesture the ungraspable.
Over time the page fills – a reservoir
A holding space that does not take hold
For she draws in water.
Announcing, tracking and tracing out a slow dissolution of form…

Resurfacing presents an exploration of transience through the medium of music and drawing. Presenting a dialogue between the two art-forms, the performance is the result of a back and forth conversation in which drawing mirrors the temporality of sound, and sound is scored in sync to drawing. In this work, marks made by water appear… fade… and then totally disappear, whilst sound, reflecting the graphic accrual and evaporation accumulates and diminishes in time also. Traditionally marks are employed to fix the fleeting nature of music, in contrast, the mark in Resurfacing celebrates transience and ephemerality.

  • Role Lisa Munnelly (Artist) SImon Eastwood ( Musician)

  • For INVISIBLE : A media and printmaking exhibition dedicated to the unseen.

  • Date Detroit Broadway Gallery June 22- July 21 2019 Detroit, BWA Gallery 14 Feb- 21 Mar 2020 Wroclaw

  • Type single channel digital video.

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