Lisa Munnelly

Lisa Munnelly

Dirty Edges Clean Lines

‘Dirty Edges /Clean Lines’, Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington ( 2017)

Lisa Munnelly ( Artist)
Oli Blair (Projection)
Simon Eastwood (Music)

Photography Credit: Paora Allen

The drawing develops as a play of folds. Folding/unfolding, enfolding/withholding, a procedural and perceptual movement of expansion and contraction that at once reveals and conceals. The fold takes centre stage. The drawing reveals itself in real time. Line ventures out into the white expanse, feeling its way around the paper, behind it; the drawer finds herself caught in a space between action and event, between knowing and not knowing, between clarity and obscurity.
As line caresses the edge, the edge becomes the frame, and the frame becomes the form. As she draws, she draws upon multiple frames of reference, is drawn into an ever evolving conversation about mark making. Through drawing she joins this collective practice, but at the same time makes her mark in an effort to differentiate herself from it.

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